2024 Goal: $170,00
2024 Donations to Date: $186,277

How do we raise funds?

We receive contributions from local, regional and national businesses, community organizations, memorial scholarships, and private citizens. In addition, each year Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars sponsors or participates in several fundraising events.

What is a charitable matching gift program?

A charitable matching gift program is a program where a company or business matches an employee's gift to a charitable organization. The company may match part or all of the employee's contribution - and sometimes even more! Please check with your human resources or payroll department to see whether your company has a charitable matching gift program.


Will your contribution make a difference?

YES! Your support is vital. It enables us to award more scholarships to more students. Your gift makes an impact by helping students continue their education and achieve their goals. Your contribution is truly a gift to your community.


Is your contribution tax deductible?

YES!!! Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit organization, fully administered by volunteers. Your contribution is totally deductible.


If you have contributed in the past, please continue your support; if not, please think about making a contribution to this year's scholarship program.