How To Claim a 2023 Award

Students of the Class of 2023 who received an award from our chapter can now receive their scholarships.

The period to claim your award runs from November 1 until February 1.

In order to receive the check for your scholarship, please send a copy of your spring/winter semester bill or your fall grades, issued by your college, showing your name and the college's name to:

Dollars for Scholars Treasurer
PO Box 26
Whitman  MA  02382

If you do not receive a paper copy of a bill or grades, you may send a printed copy of an electronic version of the bill.

If you have received more than one award from us, only one copy is necessary to claim all your award monies.

All checks are made payable to the college only. Our distribution procedure has been established according to the rules of Scholarship America and the participating colleges who are collegiate partners.

If you cannot claim your award after the fall semester, we can hold your award money; however, you must let us know in writing.

In addition to the copy of your fall grades or your winter or spring bill, please enclose a stamped envelope addressed to the location where you want the check sent (to your home or to the college).

School name, student name and student ID must appear on the paperwork for spring/winter semester bill or your fall grades.