Do you shop online?

If you do, then those purchases can be used to make a small donation to the Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars scholarship fund - at no extra cost to you!
Here is a way you can help.


1. iGive

iGive has partnered with more than 1700 online merchants offering a wide range of products and services
a) Go to the iGive home page.
b) Create your iGive account.
Enter your name and email address; create a password and then confirm it.
c) Select our chapter as your favorite cause.
Type Whitman into the search box. Then click the Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars entry from the drop-down list.

d) Complete your registration by clicking Join Now.
e) Install the iGive button on your browser.
At the top of your browser you should see a tiny button that looks like a seed.  Click on the seed to see a helpful menu. If you don't see the seed, you may need to make your browser's command bar visible from the "View" menu.
Whenever you visit an iGive store you will see the iGive button in the lower right hand corner of the website's page.
This confirms that your purchases there will help our scholarship fund.


Start shopping! and helping Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars.